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Firm "NMG" produces and sells a large range of diagnostic complexes, made in different versions and with possibility of configuration options. The completion of the entire process of creating and selling equipment - is the Training Program, specially developed by leading specialists of medical institutions of Moscow, together with the specialists of the company "NMG"which is intended for all our users.

Health professionals (doctor or nurse), working with our equipment can receive both basic and advanced training not only equipment, but also clinical analysis of information obtained, methods of neurological and rehabilitation research.

The training is carried out on the equipment of firm in the training centers on the basis of:
- Research Institute of Neurosurgery named. Burdenko,
- Institute of Neurology,
- The Moscow Sechenov medical Academy
- Institute of Pediatrics and Children's Surgery,
- All-Russian Center For The Treatment Of Cerebral Palsy,
- Institute of correctional pedagogy,
- RGNII of Eye diseases. Helmholtz
- Institute Of Pediatrics ,
Center Limnologichesky studies of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences.
- Myasthenic Central research Institute of General pathology and pathophysiology RAMS
- Myasthenic center. Bmecte
- Russian University of friendship of peoples
- Institute of improvement of doctors
- Federal rehabilitation centre

Appointment and terms of conducting of seminars, lectures, practical exercises, You can always learn by phones:

+7 (495) 917-77-76 - multichannel
+7 (495) 917-97-03
+7 (495) 917-83-24

or send the application form directly from the site, then our experts will contact You and tell you about the next emerging groups:

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