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Portable portable EEG recorder
The unit for stationary and offline registration and recording of EEG signals Type of product: EEG
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Stationary and offline registration and recording of EEG signals on 16 standard leads system 10-20 with on-line visualization and analysis.

Areas of application:

Depending on the configuration and use regimes, the system can use in various medical departments:

- epileptological and limnologichesky centers,
- neurological departments,
- psychiatric hospitals,
- clinics,
- day care hospitals
- rehabilitation centres,
- and for provedenia daily registration of EEG
in the home of the patient.

10 the main advantages and functional capabilities of the complex:

1. The existence of Autonomous and stationary regime of registration data retention EEG. In offline mode, the recording is made with the set in the device memory card, and in the stationary mode, there is also the option of data transmission to PC via Bluetooth for visualization and on-line analysis.

2. High noise immunity and safety allow to use effectively the complex as in the daily practice of neurological departments and intensive care units, while receiving vysokokachestvennye registration and recording of EEG signals.

3. Small weight of the device, no additional modules and parts makes it ideal for use both in adult and pediatric patients.

4. Maximum comfort and freedom of movement do not violate the usual activities and the environment of the patient's life. The complex allows to carry out long-term monitoring of EEG no additional cost to stay in the hospital and, as a consequence...

5. ... 50-60% cost reduction by using a system of relatively fixed monitoring systems EEG in the hospital!

6. The latest developments in the field of diagnostic instrumentation allow to produce high quality recording of signals using the original amplifier 16 channels EEG.

7. The LCD screen and touch control interface allows easy and convenient to record and transfer data to control impedance, using only two buttons.

8. The use of modern media MMC memory card (or CD) provides safe storage and easy handling of the data obtained.

9. Compatible format recording EEG with EDF (European Data Format) provides data integration software processing and analysis of the majority of Russian and foreign stationary digital EEG.

10. Multifunctional software helps in registration mode to make on-line filtering, spectral and power, the amplitude analysis and mapping, analysis - 3D localization source of electrical activity , coherent, spectral-power and amplitude analysis.

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