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The complex consists of the following systems:

1. Registration system kinematic characteristics, including:

- optical detectors, which the complex can be from one to four. Every Registrar has a data cable to transfer data to the computer.

- actually active markers. Active tokens are a special type LEDs, each of which runs on a different frequency. Due to this, even when intersecting trajectories is accurate recognition provisions of each active marker. The maximum number of active token - 32 pieces.

- portable unit active markers with Autonomous power supply. In the unit switches the active markers.

- synchronizing the device.

2. Registration system reactions support, including torque platform, which the complex can be one or two. The standard complex of NMG Biomechanics" completed a three-component dynamometer platform that allows registration of falling on her work in all three dimensions: vertical, longitudinal and transverse.
Torque platform has a convenient USB interface to connect to a computer, the ability to change the number and quality of incoming information, the possibility of holding stabilometric research and other standard for this type of device functions.

In addition to the three-component dynamometer platform in some cases, using one-component (vertical component) platform. One-component dynamometer platform enables the same functionality as a three-component except for the registration of the efforts of the longitudinal and transverse components.

3. Registration system functional EMG and temporal characteristics, which includes:

- portable 8-channel unit with data transmission via high-speed channel. In addition EMG channels unit has two entrances to register temporal characteristics by connecting photometrically of datchikov,

- a set of EMG electrodes,

- cables for sensors temporal characteristics,

- sensors temporal characteristics. The number photometrically sensors can be from one to four for each foot, depending on the applied research methodology. Photometrische sensors are used two image formats and are, traditionally, plaster or taped to the bottom of the foot or Shoe. Depending on the necessary methods of research can be applied different variants of the number of sensors and their installation.

Software features:

Software package for Windows is focused on simultaneous work with all devices, including the maximum configuration. Traditionally for biomechanical complexes NMG package contains a set of standard methods and allows the user to create their own. In connection with complex graphics tasks package contains a special section for animation movements registered data.

It is also traditional for the standard methods of the research report
is generated automatically and includes relevant regulations.

A software package that allows you to customize and use different ways for entering the complex of the equipment both in isolation and in any combination.

by Dr. Radut