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Portable portable EEG recorder
The unit for stationary and offline registration and recording of EEG signals Type of product: EEG
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The main modes of the system:

1. Autonomous connecting to the PC over the air.
(application area: long-term monitoring of EEG, polysomnography, a long-monitoring, bedside monitoring in intensive care, the use in the operational conditions of rendering of medical aid, the use of the provision of health care at home)

2. Offline without connecting the PC with recording data on the established media MMC memory.
(application areas: daily monitoring of the EEG, daily, use of the provision of health care at home)

Block Registrar (hereinafter, the Registrar) is the main part of the complex and provides a survey included in the system of sensors, primary processing and data transmission superior system. The Registrar has the ability to work in a stationary mode with PC and standalone without a PC. The connection with the primary system (PC, desktop or notebook, hereinafter PC) through digital Bluetooth.
In offline mode the power of the Registrar and the connected sensors provides removable rechargeable battery (battery).

Connecting the sensors to the Registrar by means of cables and connectors with high reliability and durability. The composition of the sensors is determined implemented methods. In variant performed by the Registrar can be equipped with an arbitrary number of channels no more than 16.

In offline mode the device allows to record EEG data on the installed card (MMC). The Registrar has LCD graphical monochrome display with display information about the status of the battery, there is a lack of communication over the air or the interface cable from the PC, about the process of recording installed on MMC card on the state of the rest of the free volume of MMC card, and allows you to display the status of the impedance of installed electrodes in the "impedance". The register is controlled via a PC or directly using the touch keyboard the Registrar.

by Dr. Radut