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Portable portable EEG recorder
The unit for stationary and offline registration and recording of EEG signals Type of product: EEG
You can send request for equipment. Request

The device is completed with various types of accessories
and electrodes depending on age group
prospective patients (adults, children, infants)

Composition of complete set can be the following:

- Block the Registrar bio-measurement 16 channels EEG
- Transition adapter DB25-Touchproof 1.5mm monopolar EEG Set checkover electrode EEG with connecting wires Touchproof 1.5mm
- Set of bridging EEG electrodes, complete with connecting wires TouchProof 1.5mm
- Set caps EEG for fixation of the electrodes bridge and checkover electrodes
- Set helmets EEG various sizes with the established set checkover electrodes 16 electrode system 10-20
- System 10-20 checkover electrodes for adhesive fixation 16 diversion with cable connections to the Registrar (DB25)
- Set of NiMh batteries type AA 8 PCs mA hour
- Power battery charger for AA 4 elements
- Memory card MMC or 2Gb MMCplus
- Video monitoring system with accessories

by Dr. Radut