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Complexes for research of bioelectric brain activity Type of product: EEG
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All users of EEG complexes supplied with necessary methodical literature.

Methodical literature:

1. Ivanov LB Applied computer electroencephalography.

2. Zykov VP Tics in children.- M: NFM "MBN"


Attention! In addition to the training complex , is also training in clinical analysis of the received information.

Guarantee and service maintenance

All EEG complexes of MFD "NMG shall be required for warranty service, the terms of which are determined by the Warranty. Guarantee agreement may be prolonged in accordance with the terms of the contract.

If You have any questions connected with work of the complex, the specialists of our service is always ready to help You. To do this, You can call us by phones:

+7 (495) 363-07-12
+7 (495) 363-07-26
+7 (495) 673-27-53

or fill in the application form on the website and we will contact You to resolve Your problem.

by Dr. Radut