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Complexes for research of bioelectric brain activity Type of product: EEG
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Software features:
Software electroencephalographic complexes - this is a new package "Maracarfagna 6.0", pleasantly surprise users to its ergonomic, visibility and convenience.

Package has the following features:

- The task of the plan of the study, manual control of the research process and stimulation parameters for functional tests.

Navigation quick view and access to the relevant data) in various events in the course of the study.

- Animated view EEG (viewing moving EEG tape in petrolina time)

- Inferring information about the filtering mode, running
throughout the record

- Quick setup borders frequency bands (up to 12) and the scale of the view.

- Simultaneous visualization of different pieces of writing (or different studies) in several preview Windows, independent setting, mirror movement in the two Windows

- Automatic measurement and recording source electrode impedance are also with led indication on the power of the patient, with graphics and digital display.

- Protection against possible data loss during recording when failures in the computer or in an external power supply.

- Implementation record in continuous mode and intermittent, depending on the willingness of the operator.

- At closing the research, save the information about the used scheme leads rendered leads, sensitivity, scanning speed
and temporary binding fragment.

- Save the wiring diagrams in the directory to which access
is available in the mode of removal, and in the mode of treatment. You can choose to wiring diagram that will be used "by default".

- The opportunity to conduct pumping-over of the leads in real time during the registration process (without interrupting recording)

- Recognition artifact and real phenomena EEG method of pumping-over of the leads in real time.

- Spectral analysis of the power components of the EEG
and topographic mapping.

- Research of integrative processes of the brain by the method of coherent EEG analysis.

- Representation of the level of intracerebral integration the formation of the electrical processes digital values, topographic maps, interpolated charts "icons".

- Visualization of occurrence and distribution projection zones bit of activity (and other phenomena EEG) on the head.

Topographic mapping of the spectra of power and coherence
in standard and custom frequency ranges with a choice of angle
viewing the results of counting on the amplitude and power
spectrum in the research process (only in petrolina time), the integral (areal) mapping.

- Measurement and topographic mapping with a given step of instantaneous values sklepowych potentials (amplitude mapping), peak-peak-to-peak amplitude on the selected fragment (from the contour or peak to peak).

- Topical diagnosis of the source of pathological activity
in the three-dimensional display of the dipole model software BrainLoc.

- Representation of the level of communication between the different departments of a brain
(according to the coherent analysis) numeric values, topographic maps, interpolated charts

- Ability to build tables with the values of the power spectrum and coherence in the standard format or wishes.

by Dr. Radut