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Currently, according to leading medical specialists, the company's products are not inferior but very often is better than that of foreign analogues of known firms . Designed and produced more than ten types of devices that are easily uniting together in the most complex diagnostic complexes. Each year passed into production new types of devices, often do not have Russian analogues, for example: the complex analysis of movements of NMG Biomechanics", a tool for early diagnosis polyneuropathy "Vibrometer" the device for the analysis of visual evoked potentials "NMG Electroretinograph", complex functional electrical stimulation of muscles - "NMG Stimulus", a three-dimensional scanner spine - 3D Scanner".

The perspective development Department of the company NMG, consisting of developers and programmers, promptly takes into account the recommendations and experience of practical doctors, information about new products of foreign manufacturers, that allows to expand the range of devices and software products.
Constantly in the portfolio of this company is about five projects of new devices.
Production base of the company "NMG" includes design Department, section for production of printed circuit boards, Assembly shop, a site of technological training and the finished products warehouse. Jobs engineers, inspectors, controllers equipped with the most modern equipment and control and measuring equipment. This combination of high-tech equipment, high qualification of our employees allows not only to quickly implement new developments and to start batch production of reliable instruments, but also to give a two or three-year warranty on all products of the company.

Service center of our company is the guarantee of trouble-free work of the equipment, confidence user in the acquired technology. Today we provide repair and service support in the shortest possible time: from 24 hours in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, until 48 to 72 hours in any city of Russia. Proven methods allow to carry out preliminary testing of fault on the phone, which significantly reduces the time to correct them. The personnel qualified to carry out repair and adjustment of equipment, assist in the unification of the supplied computer systems with existing users diagnostic equipment, and hospital information network.

The completion of the entire process of creating and selling equipment - is a training Program that works for all of our users. Health professionals (doctor or nurse), working with our equipment can receive both initial and advanced training techniques neurological and rehabilitation research. The training is carried out on the equipment of firm in the training centers on the basis of scientific research Institute of Neurosurgery named. Burdenko, Institute of Neurology, Institute of Pediatrics and Children's Surgery, all-Russian Center for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Institute of correctional pedagogy, RGNII of Eye diseases. Helmholtz Institute of Pediatrics , Center Limnologichesky studies of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences.

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