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3D Scanner
The complex of functional analysis of the spine Type of product: 3D scanner
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- Diagnostics of disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and first of all of the spine,

- Registration of the spatial position of the spine, hip, shoulder and lower limbs and other body segments.

Areas of application:

Orthopaedics-traumatology, vertebral neurology, manual therapy, osteopathy, neurology, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, prosthetics and orthotics other related specialties.

10 the main advantages and functional capabilities of the complex:

1. Registration of any body parts

2. High accuracy of the obtained parameters due to the unique design of the probe 3D Scanner

3. The ability to perform research in functional terms - bending, bending, rotation, traction and other

4. The ability of registering as individual points and curves of any complexity

5. Scanning procedure requires no consumables and is not invasive

6. The examination does not require special facilities

7. Small (2-minutes!) the research time

8. The complex mobility

9. Convenient and multifunctional software, pozvolyayuschei ready to use methods or to form their own

10. Work with the scanner uses natural intuitive manual skills of the physician, therefore, requires no special training.

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